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Trying to Find Top Real Estate Agents in Victoria?

We help you find some of the best Real Estate Agents in Victoria. Finding a top performing Real Estate Agent is a real challenge for many people when buying or selling a home. How do you know which Real Estate Agents in the Victoria area have the best sales success in your community and will be able to sell your home in a timely manner? Well, that’s where Keylo helps you. We specialize in matching top performing Real Estate Agents with buyers and sellers in greater Victoria and other major real estate market areas across Canada.

How does our FREE service help you find a top real estate agent?

We analyze the latest real estate sales and listing data for your property type and for each Real Estate Agent in the Victoria area. Then we compile the data and highlight the top agents by the numbers, so you can choose one of the best agents to sell your home or help you find a new one. The best Victoria area Real Estate Agents will sell properties in a shorter period of time, and realize a higher selling price to ask ratio then other Real Estate Agents. Our mission is to find you a great Real Estate Agent for your property search or sale. Let's get started.

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Greater Victoria

Greater Victoria is located in British Columbia, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is a cultural rather than political entity, usually defined as the thirteen easternmost municipalities of the Capital Regional District on Vancouver Island as well as some adjacent areas and nearby islands. Some of those communities are highlighted below.


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Oak Bay

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Buying or Selling Property in Greater Victoria? Let's Find Your Top Agent!
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What does it cost to find a top Real Estate Agent?

Nothing. It's 100% free to you. We receive a portion of the Real Estate Agent’s fees when the home is sold or purchased which doesn’t affect what commission you pay.

The only way we survive is by giving great referrals and customer service so we get repeat customers and word of mouth.

Sound too good to be true? Click here for more details on how the fees break down. We want to educate you on the whole industry including us. The more you know the better.

How does Keylo find top Real Estate Agents?

There are 3 quick steps.

  1. Fill out a short form. Click here.
  2. We will call you to find out your needs
  3. Finally, we use your needs and a mountain of data to find your Real Estate Agent

Is it that easy? Yes.

But how do you know we did anything more than look at a phone book? We've spent years accumulating data from multiple sources. We can't publish it all but we can say this:

Our model currently has an 83% chance to pick the Real Estate Agent who can sell your home and we know who can sell faster and for more or buy for less . We've even sought out help from bigger data science teams to help make it better.

We partner with any MLS board like VREB to get data feeds and comply with their rules.

Does this guarantee you that any home can be sold for any price? No. Does it guarantee you can lowball any home purchase? No. But why not put all the odds in your favour?

What if I don't want to give my information, but want to research Real Estate Agents on my own?

We get it. Why trust anyone with your information? We NEVER sell your information or give it out to ANYONE except for your top Real Estate Agent and you can opt-out at any time with no contracts to sign with us. There really is no risk.

Perhaps you don't need a referral? Feel free to browse Victoria's Real Estate Agents at your leisure.

Where can I find Victoria Real Estate stats?

We've got your Victoria stats covered right here. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) provides a ton of great information as well over here.

We'll keep putting out more and more FREE information as it is available.

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