tired of real esate as is?


Trust us to get you a fair price. We work to earn your confidence. We partner with you every step of the way.

  • This isn't buying a home.
  • This isn't selling a home.
  • This is Keylo.
This is Keylo

A New, Data-Powered Approach To Sell and Buy Real Estate.

Have you ever found yourself questioning if selling and buying home should be this stressful and full of guesstimation? What if we said that you are right. It doesn’t have to.

Sell Your Home

View the home. Price the home. Choose Keylo Traditional or Keylo Care. Marketing plan. Negotiations. 

Buy A Home

Listings software that learns YOU. REALTORS® partner with you. Keylo Care, no haggle buying.

Why Keylo?

Keylo has a simple vision. Make it so anyone can buy and sell a home a fair market value instantly and painlessly. We started out as the largest Canadian realtor ranking site to help consumers but it wasn’t enough.

Free Consultation

Whether you want to know the value of your home or just prefer speaking to a real human being instead of going through everything we offer. We can talk on the phone, online meeting, or meet in person.

Why choose Keylo

Reason 1

We form a partnership.  We’ll educate and invest in you from the moment we first meet.  

Reason 2

Technology is in our blood and we use it to your advantage. 

Reason 3

We follow a unique process tailored to you.  One day soon you’ll be able to buy or sell your home instantly for fair market value with the push of a button.

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