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This isn’t selling a home. This is Keylo.



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This is Keylo

A New, Data-Powered Approach To Sell Real Estate.

Have you ever found yourself questioning if selling a home should be this stressful and full of guesstimation? What if we said that you are right. It doesn’t have to.

Before: Get the most accurate market value with an appraisal

We will provide you with the fair estimation for your property and the potential for a great deal.

During: Full service marketing provided

Get more views by being featured on our custom

After: We actively monitor your home and communicate with you

List and walk away? Never! Quality results may mean changing strategy. You aren’t kept in the loop, you are the center of it.


Trust The Process

Personalize > Analyze > Deliver


Our process is key to consistent results. Whether you choose Keylo Care or Keylo Traditional, you’ll feel comfort in knowing each step right from the start. We’ll show you in your personalized portal what’s happening. We can monitor your home 24/7 and adjust each piece of data to maximize the value. 

This is Keylo

Neighbourhood quality ranking in Edmonton

Exclusive report of 20 most popular variables, 2021


Why choose Keylo


We form a partnership. We’ll educate and invest in you from the moment we first meet.  We work together to sell your home.


Technology is in our blood and we use it to your advantage. Machine Learning is cute but it’s how we use it to get your home sold for more that matters. 


We follow a unique process tailored to your home.  Keylo Care simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  We don’t expect your trust, we intend to earn it.


Join Our Programs

Keylo Traditional

  • Renovations/Staging
  • Pricing the home
  • CMA (comparative market analysis)
  • Marketing Plan including
  • Monitor/Communicate
  • Negotiate

Keylo Care

  • All of Keylo Traditional 
  • Appraisal
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Price adjustment up to once a day
  • Optional no-haggle sale to get maximum value

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Whether you want to know the value of your home or just prefer speaking to a real human being instead of going through everything we offer. We can talk on the phone, online meeting, or meet in person.

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