We study YOUR needs.


This isn’t buying a home. This is Keylo.



This is Keylo

A New Data-Powered Approach To Buying Real Estate.

Have you ever questioned why buying a home is so stressful? so full of guesstimation? We’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way.
Education is Key to Keylo
You have questions? We have answers. We partner with you every step of the way.
Connect with one agent

Our team works on the back end. You get one agent from start to finish that you can get a hold of and knows you personally.

We get results

All our processes are developed from data on what helps you buy not just a home. The right home! 


Trust The Process

Personalize > Analyze > Deliver


We use objective data to help you buy faster and to ensure that you get a fair price.

This is Keylo

Neighbourhood quality ranking in Edmonton

Exclusive report of 20 most popular variables, 2021


Why choose Kelo


We learn you. We tailor our advice to help you when and where you need it.  This starts with our custom buyers software that uses machine learning to help you find homes faster.


Keylo is the only company that can offer no haggle buying through Keylo Care.  Yes you can buy one of our listed homes without negotiating and be assured it’s the lowest price (fair market value).


Full transparency and unbiased approach. Less BS and more facts. We’ll even tell you facts that aren’t convenient for agents.


Join Our Programs

Called the “Tinder of Real Estate” by Kate Mracek.  Swiping and liking sorts homes quicker.  The more you use it, the smarter the matches get.

I want it all

Where do you start?  What should you do?  When we say we partner with you, we mean it.  Ask us anything or let us ask you questions to help assess your needs. We are here to get the RIGHT home, not just any home at any price.

Or Just Get Started

Whether you want to know the value of your home or just prefer speaking to a real human being instead of going through everything we offer. We can talk on the phone, online meeting, or meet in person.n

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