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tired of Edmonton real esTate as is?

Keylo Compassion

Everyone deserves a home

  • A dry safe place to stay
  • A rental unit you can afford
  • Where dreams become reality

Our philosophy is simple. Everyone deserves a home. 

We can’t help everyone, so start with the most significant impact first. Create a culture where experimentation/failure is encouraged to find the best self-sustaining services quickly. The more money the initial programs generate, the more we can move down the value chain to help the most vulnerable. As a real estate technology company, we’ve seen agents donate $1 to a cause and then $1000 to advertise their high morale ground. We can do social good, which will help our business grow. This win/win allows us to do more faster. To do it fast, we need your help.


Step one sign up for our list. By simply doing that, you’ll allow us to reach out to the community to get feedback quickly and change course quickly. We’ll ask you only one question to start. 1. Are you a user of the services 2. Do you want to help with as little as an opinion? 3. Do you want newsletter updates? 4. Do you want to help us build communities?

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    The 5 Phase Plan

    Keylo Compassion Phases

    What's in it for us?

    As you can see we have a plan how to help people so let’s be upfront and tell you what Keylo gets out of this?

    1. Culture

    Companies don’t care, but the people at Keylo do care. This work makes us excited that we can significantly impact a generation (with others’ help). Wouldn’t you want to work at a place that does this? I’m the founder of Keylo and want to work at a place like that, so let’s not wait until Keylo is a massive company. Let’s do it now

    2. Awareness

    At Keylo, you’ll be able to buy or sell your home with just a click. We’re breaking that whole industry, so it’s built around people first. We compete against giants willing to say anything, so you’ve likely heard it all before. What if we saved time/money on advertising in a crowded space and did what we do best? Work on solutions instead of ego. We believe that social good combined with our startup discipline is a win/win. You’ve heard about us now, haven’t you?

    3. Liquidity

    It seems like every story about tokens, cryptocurrency, or NFTs is a story about greed and abuse. Technology is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil! We need this technology to break real estate and to run Keylo Compassion without the friction of our current systems. If Keylo Compassion can break even but provide liquidity, we will likely expand the program faster. Learn more about Keylo Coin HERE.

    4. Trust

    When we started Keylo, we constantly asked why people don’t trust Real Estate Agents. They rank lower in polls than lawyers or politicians. What would you do if you walked the walk? We’ll make mistakes at some point, but we can at least try to gain trust everywhere we can in small pieces. Trust is earned.