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If You Can Rent You Can Buy, With Help.

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4-10 Years To Buy

We partner with H.O.M.E (Home Ownership Mentoring Experts) a Not For Profit.

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1-4 Years Away

We can get you into a home 2 years faster.  We believe in you and are willing to put our money into you so you can move in years quicker.

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1 Year (or Less)

BuyMyHomie.com is the Tinder of Real estate.  We make the buying the right home easy.

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How it works


Your Steps To Owning A Home

The Basics

Credit, Capacity, Capital. H.O.M.E (Home Ownership Mentoring Experts) is the place to start.  You book a consultation and start an action plan to improve your credit and save for a home.

Own 2 Years Faster

We want you in your own home making memories today.  If you consistently pay rent it’s likely you have some credit, some capacity, and some capital (rent deposit).  We help you with the down payment.

You Can Qualify Today

Let’s Go! We’ll pair you with a mortgage broker and start you on your journey.  We invest hours of time upfront in you so you are completely prepared to buy the right home. 

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