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Unlocking the Future of Real Estate: The Power of Virtual Staging

As the leading Edmonton Technology Real Estate Brokerage, Keylo is committed to revolutionizing the way you experience home buying. In our quest to blend innovation with personalized service, we proudly introduce Free Virtual Staging—a game-changer that transcends traditional boundaries. Don’t worry.  If your home is already listed with another Realtor or even for sale by owner.  We’ll likely help you out too, FOR FREE  *(based on availability and demand). 

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is like a magic wand for empty spaces. Imagine a blank canvas—a room devoid of furniture, warmth, and character. Now, with a few clicks, our expert designers transform that void into a captivating, fully furnished home. How? By adding virtually designed furniture, decor, and ambiance to listing photos.

Why Virtual Staging Matter

  • Cost-Effective (We literally do it for free): 
  • Speed
  • Visual Appeal

Physical staging can be pricey-$1500 to $2500 for an average home.  Virtual staging can be done in lighting fast.  Buyers for first impressions online.  Virtual staging has come a long way in the last two years and really stands out (you only get one chance for a first impression). 

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  • Empowering Sellers- Every home deserves its best shot.  Let’s empower you to showcase your homes true value.
  • Supporting Realtors- It’s not good enough to only support our own REALTORS®, we want to improve the industry
  • We get free things back- Follow us on Instagram, traffic to BuyMyHomie.com, ours signs on your lawn.

About Us:

BuyMyHomie.com has an AI that matches you to homes.  It’s known as the Tinder of Real Estate. We keep expanding that AI knowledge out to products and services that help buyers buy and sellers sell.  We don’t charge our agents any monthly or transactions fees because we want them to put all that time, money and effort into you.  So we need to walk the walk and do the same.  Contact us to see how good the staged pictures on BuyMyHomie.com really are.

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