Top 5 Edmonton Halloween must-do’s

There is not much time left for you to get out enjoy halloween 2022, so how can you make the most of the spooky season? We at Keylo University have found the top 5 best Edmonton Halloween events for you to check out! 

1. Deadmonton

Well it goes without saying the Edmonton halloween is just not the same without a trip to this next level haunted house adventure. This year, they put on two different haunted attractions; Icons of Darkness and Return of the Living Dead. 

Dim the Lights! It’s movie night! Nestled into your favourite spot on the couch with your security blanket and a bowl of popcorn. You’re ready for your favourite horror movie. As the door creaks and the music intensifies, your heart races as you dig your nails deeper into the fabric that shields you. The slaughter begins! You scream, you pull your blanket over your eyes, popcorn everywhere and you pray he’s not waiting for you. No wonder this movie has become so famous. No wonder it keeps you up at night. Since the first time you saw it, this film has haunted your dreams. Now you are about to become the star of a grisly finale that you have feared for years. You are about to step through the silver screen and meet your deepest fear in the flesh.
You are about to fall victim to Deadmonton’s Icons of Darkness.

For more than a century horror films have brought you the most intense, terrifying characters. Spine chilling iconic horror figures that no one would dare encounter on a cold, murky night. Most have come and gone, and are nothing but a distant memory. Until Now!

Keylo University - Edmonton Halloween - Deadmonton

This Edmonton halloween event is running until October 31st, with a lights out option until November 6th that gives you all the more reason to get your fright on. Tickets go from $36.99 – $52.99. They include both haunted obstacles PLUS entry into an area to enjoy food, beverage and occasional encounters with your favourite horror legends. It’s definitely worth a visit!

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2. Fort Edmonton Park's Dark

From October 7 to 30, you’ll be able to face your biggest fears. Escape a menacing jokester whose grand gesture is murder. Visit a farm where a sinister deal harvests gruesome consequences. Or dare to discover what nightmares are made of when demons come knocking at three in the morning. Whatever your fright, DARK will leave you looking for the light switch.  

Come for the scares and stay for the food and fun. From local food truck favourites to spooky cocktails to a live DJ spinning spooky beats, DARK is Edmonton’s Haunted Festival, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Keylo University - Edmonton Halloween - Dark

This Edmonton Halloween haunted carnival is full of rides, scares and whole lot of fun. It runs until October 30th, 2022 and tickets are $45. If you enjoy a good festival but want to sprinkle in a touch of fear, Dark is the ultimate Edmonton Halloween event for you!

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3. Old Stratcona Ghost Tours

A ghostly walk through Old Strathcona, where we stop in front of certain buildings, houses, and shops that have reported ghosts, hauntings, murders, and mysteries.

Keylo University - Edmonton Halloween - Ghost Tours

Discover the Darker Side of Edmonton! Join us on a ghostly walk through Old Strathcona, where we stop in front of the Strathcona Hotel, the Princess Theatre, the Strathcona High School and many other buildings, houses, and shops that have reported ghosts, hauntings, murders, and mysteries. They are all true stories that come from area residents and business owners. The tours are hosted by a veteran storyteller with 12 years of experience. Held all summer and into the fall-Halloween season. The tours are a great outing for the whole family. The Old Strathcona Ghost Tour is 1 hour long. Tickets range from $16.93 to $22.23.

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4. Pumpkins after Dark

Pumpkins After Dark has taken over the pathways of Borden Park with an incredible display of pumpkin carving skills. The event enables you to take a spooky nighttime stroll through Borden to view a gallery of larger-than-life pumpkin art in all sorts of unique designs.

The family-friendly walk takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete; but take your time, as the pumpkin carving displays should be appreciated up-close, and from a distance. And there are over 6000 pumpkins to see! Tickets range from $17.95-$21.95 and the event runs until October 31st, 2022. 

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Keylo University - Edmonton Halloween - Pumpkins after dark

5. High Level Bridge Haunted Trolley Tours

Join the Edmonton Halloween trolley for a spooky and historical ride over the High Level Bridge and throughout Old Strathcona as the sun sets over Deadmonton. Hear the horrible history of the area and some of Old Strathcona’s and Edmonton’s most spooky and gruesome ghost stories. Learn about the ghosts that still wanders around the Arts Barns, the Spanish Flu victims from the UofA, the ghosts from the original construction of the High-level Bridge and many more deadly stories. Tickets are $43.45 and it runs until October 31st, 2022. 

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Keylo University - Edmonton Halloween - Haunted Trolley
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