Step Up Your Holiday Home Decor

The holiday season is upon us which means Christmas carols, festive cheer, holiday parties, and seasonal decorations. For some of us, what it really means… is chaos. You may want your living space to look like it is straight out of an interior design catalog this Christmas, but have no idea where to start. There is no need to be stressed out over getting your house sparkling with the spirit – we have a simple rundown of everything you need to do to really step up your holiday home decor this year to make it as painless as possible.

Spruce up your house for the holidays

Light it up

The easiest way to elevate your holiday home decor and give a seasonal vibe in a room is by using light. Ambiance can completely change the look and feel of a space or be the finishing touches to bring everything together. Changing out your white bulbs to softer lights is a quick and subtle way to add the holiday glow and various candles will bring some added warmth. In addition to your tree, string lights or festive features can be added throughout your decor to really enhance the mood.

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Lighting
Pick a theme for your holiday home decor

If your want to create a gorgeous space that is both festive and elegant, pick a theme or color palette that you love and choose holiday home decor that generally stays within it. You may want to stick with the traditional red, white, and green, or perhaps you are thinking about sprucing it up. Take a look at trending ideas to get some inspiration and pick something that will also look cohesive with your current interior elements. Get some inspiration ->

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Themes
Don't over decorate

Less isn’t always more, but more can definitely be too much. You want to be careful not to over-decorate too much otherwise you can go from seasonal elegance to tacky and crowded very quickly. A very common mistake is feeling the need to fill every flat surface with as many colorful ornamentals as it will allow, which will appear messy instead of decorated. While having a theme will help to avoid your holiday home decor from looking like clutter. So, what do you tackle then? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Too much

Holiday home decor with the most impact

Decorating your home for the holiday season doesn’t need to be a stressful chore. If you find yourself worried about getting it done before the festivities creep up on you, slow down. Instead of aiming to turn every room of your home into an intricate winter wonderland, focus on a couple of essential things to transform the space without the hassle. These are the things that have the biggest impact on your holiday home decor.

Oh, Christmas Tree

It goes without saying that a tree is the main event, so this is where you need to shine the brightest – both figuratively and literally. Stick within your theme or color palette to match the rest of your holiday home decor, but don’t limit yourself too much, or else the tree won’t have any character. Make sure your tree is balanced, well-lit, and full. If you are feeling like trying something different, you can consider a colored tree or even a tree made from alternate material.  Check out these alternative tree ideas ->

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - The tree
Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Tree alternatives
Get the mantel ready for Santa

Bring your mantel to life with a little bit of holiday life. Keep it relatively simple to avoid making it too busy, but including your fireplace in the design of your holiday home decor will tie everything together in a big beautiful bow. If you don’t have a fireplace, turn your tv stand into an impromptu mantel or look to your window sills for creative inspiration.

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Your mantle
Set the table

Your dining room table is the center of the party during the festive season, so remember to put out a centerpiece. Dress up your table with a tablecloth or add some candles. Turn your table into a vision of seasonal cheer to invite your guests to sit; however, make the space free enough to allow the room to be sat at.

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - set the table

Use what you already have

So, you have decided to go all out this year on your holiday home decor… I bet you have big plans and an even bigger shopping list. Before you head out to spend your Christmas budget on a completely new arsenal of jingle bells, take a look around your house for anything you can use or repurpose to create your vision!

Bust open your craft closet

Or drawer, or box, or whatever your crafting supply situation may be (we don’t judge). Whether you have an entire color-coded library of everything that a crafter’s heart desires or a couple of miscellaneous leftover items from some projects you did 3 years ago, a little bit of creativity can turn anything into a potential decoration for your holiday home decor. Paint, chalk, paper, burlap, and ribbon are just some of the multipurpose tools to craft up something special. Check out these DIY projects ->

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Crafts
Raid your storage and cupboards

Using vintage teacups, a serving tray, a bowl or a vase can turn boring items into amazing accents for centerpieces. If you have an item collecting dust, it can be filled with candy, ornamentals, foliage or candles. Adding a layer of paint or a sprinkle of glitter can add to the effect!

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - DIY
Forage in the wild… or in the fridge

A bit of nature can give an extra level of uniqueness, style, or greenery to your holiday home decor. Use small sticks in a garland or mix pine cones into your centerpiece for an easy rustic and cozy aesthetic. If you are averse to the great outdoors like I am, you can turn to the nature found inside your home! Dried fruit like oranges and cranberries can be a powerful addition to any piece. Cloves and cinnamon are a fun accent that will give not only the festive look but also a spicy festive aroma.

Keylo University - Holiday Home Decor - Forage

Have a very happy holiday season

Whether you are on a budget or looking to go all out, you can transform your home into a magical Christmas atmosphere without pulling all of your hair out. With your holiday home decor out of the way, you can go enjoy the holiday festivities and quality time with your loved ones. We love giving you everything we can to make buying, selling, or living in your dream home exactly that, a dream. So, we will have more in store for you in Keylo University. Happy Holidays!

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