Interior Hacks to Make Your House look Expensive

Whether your planning a dinner party or have an impending house guest, it might be your goal present a more upscale appearance or inviting atmosphere. The good news is, you don’t have to own a million dollar mansion or spend a small fortune on renovations. You can curate the look and feel of a luxurious home with these 5 interior hacks. 

Keep everything in the drawers or cabinets, except for essential items that you use on a daily basis or semi-regularly. This, however, doesn’t mean your house needs to be be completely bare. Hand select key pieces for display that contribute to well-balanced aesthetic. 


2. Real plants

Big and small, on the wall and on the floor. They always look good if they are healthy. Be selective with the plants your choose and follow a similar theme throughout. Don’t forget to pay attention to your planters and ensure they are cohesive. 

3. Neutral colors

This interior hack is one of the most fun to execute! Picking a colour palatte and designing a room can bring out the creatives in all of us! Beige, light gray, white, warm white will create a great base for your sophisticated interior. Add small bright highlights or featured items to brighten up the space and create some visual interest! This can be a vase on your kitchen table or throw pillows on your couch. An accent wall or themed art works as a pop of colour can be truly impactful.

4. Wooden or wicker elements

Wall key holder, shelves, magazine holder, tray, etc. These pieces will add another layer of coziness and style to your home. Using texture as a design element is a great choice when going with a minimalist look in your home without making the space feel vacated or plain. 

5. Warm lighting

It goes without saying that a crucial element in home appeal is lighting. Brighter and well-light rooms will feel spacious and inviting. We always suggest natural lighting, but of course we aren’t saying you need to do an overhaul of your window size or placement. Try using warm lighting to make a more welcoming feel. You can switch out you light bulbs or get a few well placed lighting fixtures. Changing up you lighting might be a total game-changer for your interior. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should put this interior hack to use! 

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