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At Keylo, we want to make sure that whether you are buying or selling a home, the process is as simple and stress-free as possible. With you, we wish to forge a partnership built on trust, honesty and transparency. We’ll educate and invest in you from the moment we first meet, then work together to achieve your real estate goals. Keylo University is dedicated to providing you with step by step education to help you better understand the process, plus much more.
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Ryan Mracek

Founder of Keylo Inc.
Thanks for letting me take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve owned a home in Edmonton for almost 20 years. I know all about the stigma of living here and all of the benefits, having lived and raised a family in Edmonton. I understand the Edmonton real estate market and want to share my insight with anyone interested in learning.
Initially, I started Keylo as a Canadian REALTOR® ranking site to help consumers navigate the Real Estate market by analyzing and recommending the best REALTOR®. These insights benefitted individuals all across Canada, but I knew it wasn’t enough … I could be doing more.

Birth of Keylo Inc.

I founded Keylo inc to revolutionize Edmonton Real Estate, and eventually the industry in its entirety. As the broker here in Edmonton, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work directly with clients – no middle man or bait and switch. You can talk directly to me. This gives opportunity to establish open communication with clients while continuously developing new technology that will streamline the real estate process.
What if there was a way to shop for a home painlessly and stress-free? How much easier would it be to sell your house if there was no haggling or guessing games? What would it look like if you partnered with a REALTOR® instead of feeling like they have too much power over your outcome? Wouldn’t it be nice to have complete control over your solution? These are the questions that lead to the birth of Keylo inc.


With Keylo University, you will be equipped with all of the information and knowledge that you need to buy or sell a house. Here we will give you access to resources and break down the complicated stuff so it doesn’t have to be intimidating. After you feel confident that you have the information, we can be there to partner with you to get the deal done.

Ask us questions, challenge the system, and follow along with Keylo University to discover that anyone can buy or sell a house with ease.
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