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Best Real Estate in Edmonton

Choosing the best real estate in Edmonton is the goal of every new Edmontonian. However, with the vast listings, it can be overwhelming to land the best home. That is where a REALTOR® comes in.

The Edmonton real estate sector is booming, and the population is rising. This is attributed to the industries, including oil and gas, driving the economy. With a population of 1.4 million, you can become a happy Edmontonian. Moreover, with vast neighbourhoods in Edmonton, finding the perfect real estate is a matter of search.

This guide highlights what you must do when looking fora real estate investment. Moreover, you will also learn why REALTORS® are crucial helping hands and what makes a perfect neighbourhood. As a bonus, we have touched on why you should invest in real estate.

That said, how should you start the best Edmonton real estate journey?

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What Defines the Best Home Ownership Journey

Buying a new home is one of the most significant decisions you can make in life. For this reason, you want to make a decision that will not disappoint you later or have your eye on other home choices.

The truth is, the decision to invest in the best real estate in Edmonton will start with you, or if a couple, yourselves. There is a temptation to buy a house on impulse, but that would only mess up your financial plans and set you back in debt, which is not ideal.

So before starting the homeownership journey, have these factors checked.

1.  Your Finances

It is easy to dream of owning the perfect home space but only to realize your finances do not align with the goal. Moreover, the available Edmonton real estate has various options that may or may not fall under your budget.

In such a case, you must avoid the temptation of straining your budget. The best way to do so is to start looking at the options with the lowest price so you can move higher if unsatisfied. You will be sure to find a listing that meets your needs this way without straining the set budget.

2.  Avoid Desperation

Another culprit is desperation, apart from the high probability of overstretching your budget. Remember, searching for the best real estate in Edmonton is overwhelming, and what another person terms ideal is different for you.

That said, avoiding getting desperate when you see others closing their deals faster is crucial. The last thing you want is to make an offer out of desperation only to find another best opportunity later. Moreover, new opportunities hit the market daily, so your patience can pay off.

3.  Have a Local REALTOR®

Despite the spirit to get things done by yourself, let us face it, buying a home is not a DIY project. This is because you are likely to make more mistakes, and the sad truth is that you may fail to correct the wrongs, hence living with them.

On the other hand, a local REALTOR® is an answer to avoiding such costly mistakes. Moreover, according to a National Association of REALTORS® report, 87% of home buyers used a real estate agent to buy a home. These certified individuals have the proper knowledge to ensure smooth and transparent processes.

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4.  Stay Focused

Vast listings are appearing on the market each day. However, when looking for the best Edmonton real estate, you are likely to have your preferences. These must-haves and have-nots are essential and should not be ignored.

So if you have decided to own a specific home type, stick with your preferences. Otherwise, the vast Edmonton listings will confuse and overwhelm you into making a wrong decision or giving up.

5.  Mortgage Financing

The best Edmonton real estate listings are pretty pricey, costing an average of $399,000. And like most new homeowners, you might want to seek a mortgage financing option from your financial institution.

If you want to use a mortgage, ensure that you are approved for the loan. This guarantees that you do not waste your time and that of the parties involved. Moreover, you stand losing any earnest money you had placed.

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How Real Estate Agents Help

As you may have heard, real estate sales involve brokers mediating deals between sellers and buyers. And if you have ever disregarded working with these individuals, note that they are crucial in the real estate sector.

A certified Edmonton REALTOR® has your best interests at heart and will not be looking to close a deal hurriedly. What they do instead is to listen to your needs and align them with the right real estate investment option.

That said, why hire local REALTORS® when searching for the best real estate in Edmonton?

1.  The Correct Expertise

Hunting for the perfect home is a challenge, and what’s more, some new home buyers give up on the search. The sector can overwhelm you on whether the investment is worth it.

However, by having a local REALTORS® expertise, you are sure to make an informed decision. These individuals know the current market trends and will help determine whether the investment is feasible. Moreover, an enormous amount of paperwork is involved, and you may not know how to fill it out well.

2.   Listings Knowledge

Listings keep popping into the market each day, and what’s more, most of them are not publicly advertised. As a solo buyer, you will unlikely get such information, leaving you out on deals that would have otherwise been fruitful.

However, REALTORS® work in collaboration, and this teamwork ensures they have access to a vast range of real estate opportunities. This kind of network finds the best real estate in Edmonton within the shortest duration possible.

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3.  Assemble the Right Professionals

Are you looking for a property inspector, a real estate attorney, or any other expert needed? You are guaranteed to spend time in this area as you look for the best experts. And it will not be time only but resources too, which you would have otherwise put elsewhere.

With the right Edmonton-certified real estate agent, you can be sure to bank on their connections with other professionals. These people know the right people to call for any task because they sell homes for a living.

4.  Excellent Negotiation

As a new home buyer, there is a high probability you will fall in love with what you see. And at most, you will want to make a quick offer on the property without hesitation.

However, you might notice a few things needing repair with careful inspection. A legitimate REALTOR® knows how to evaluate the best real estate in Edmonton and the best strategy to initiate negotiations. Moreover, you will likely get a good deal when someone with no emotional attachment makes the buy decision.

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What Makes the Best Edmonton Real Estate?

The best real estate in Edmonton is that vicinity that you want to wake up to each day. This is where you get all the comfort and sense of security to raise a family and meet your daily schedules.

That said, what makes a place ideal to live in?

1.  Level Of Security

At most, you want to ensure your family is living in a neighbourhood that feels safe. So be sure to ask your REALTOR® about the neighbourhood level of security. A local Edmonton REALTOR® knows the areas well and will be glad to assist you.

And if possible, know about the previous owners, especially if moving into an old home. You can also change the locks or install a new security system to feel safer.

2.  Availability of Basic Amenities

As much as you want a serene and quiet atmosphere, living close to amenities is crucial. You want the children to be in a nearby school and have a healthcare facility within the neighbourhood.

Moreover, you want a shopping center near the estate for those quick grocery shopping moments. Fortunately, Edmonton is no short of schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping spots. Keep in mind the city houses one of the largest malls in North America, the West Edmonton wall, boasting 5.3 million square feet.

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3.  Infrastructure

The best real estate in Edmonton must be fully accessible, whether in a vehicle or on foot. That said, the city is well connected since it houses an international airport and has an inner city rail system, buses, and major highways.

Moreover, the city has an extensive pedway allowing easy movement across town. Another infrastructure feature is the funicular, connecting the river valley with Downtown Edmonton.

4.  Excellent Waste Management

The last thing you want is garbage lying within your home for weeks. Moreover, incorrect waste management puts you and the neighbourhood at health risk, according to Frontiers in Public Health research.

Fortunately, the City of Edmonton has an excellent waste management program that sees waste collection in over 400,000 households. Moreover, you are instructed on the correct waste placement; garbage goes to the black cart, recyclables in blue bags, and organics to the green bin.

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Why Buy a Home

There are various reasons why people buy a home; at the end of the day, we want a place to call our own. However, there is no fixed rule that you must own a house since you can also opt to rent.

It all boils down to your lifestyle and preferences. That said, here are some benefits of owning a home.

1.  A Sense of Ownership

This is probably the primary reason why many new homeowners want to have a home. The ownership gives you the right to do anything you want in the space, like paint the colour you like, and much more.

You also get a sense of stability since you won’t have a landlord knocking on your door for rent arrears. Moreover, you enjoy the feeling of belonging to the homeowners’ community.

2.  Monthly Bills Stabilization

According to a CBC News report, rent costs are soaring across the country. Renters are prone to frequent cost increases forcing them to alter their monthly budget.

This is an inconvenience you may not like hence the need to own a home. Fortunately, property taxes and insurance costs may fluctuate when you own the best real estate in Edmonton. You also have the freedom to use energy-efficient appliances to save on utility bills.

3.  Forced Savings Benefits

Buying a home through mortgage disciplines you since the payments are fixed. Moreover, you enjoy the benefits of forced savings at the end of the mortgage repayment period. Moreover, we all know that saving funds to buy a home needs extreme discipline. And according to CNBC, homeowners have 40 times more net worth than the average renter.

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Best Real Estate in Edmonton Conclusion

Landing the best real estate in Edmonton is the dream of every new Edmontonian settling in the area. However, with the hot market and vast listings, you can become overwhelmed and unable to make the necessary steps.

This guide has highlighted how to start the homeownership journey and what the best neighbourhood offers. Moreover, you now have a reason to hire a REALTOR® when buying the best Edmonton real estate. It is now up to you to make an informed decision.

FAQs about the Best Real Estate in Edmonton

What is the average price of the best real estate in Edmonton?

The average price of a home unit in Edmonton is $399,000. This is a 2.3% yearly increase but a 1.7% month-to-month value drop.

Is it a good time to buy a house in Edmonton?

Yes, the best Edmonton real estate has seen a drastic rise in value over the recent years. And with the buoyancy witnessed, there is no possibility of a crash; hence it is the right time to buy.

How can I get approved for a mortgage fast?

The mortgage approval process typically takes 11 to 22 days to complete. To make this process smooth, have an excellent credit score, pay a significant down payment, and have a stable income.

Should I hire a REALTOR® when buying a home?

No, there is no fixed rule stating that a REALTOR® must be present in a home deal. However, these certified experts help you close the deal smoothly, and a buyer’s agent costs you nothing.

How many neighbourhoods does Edmonton have?

The city is subdivided into seven demographic sectors, housing 375 developed neighbourhoods. The sectors include Central, Southwest, North Central, Southeast, West, Northeast, and Northwest.

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