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Houses for Sale in St. Albert

Are you looking for houses for sale in St. Albert and wondering where to start? Look no further because this guide aims to help you understand the process better.

Situated along the Sturgeon River, St. Albert is the largest metropolitan in the Greater Edmonton area. Father Albert Lacombe founded the area in 1861, but it was named a town in 1904. St. Albert is now home to 68,22 people spread across its 20 neighbourhoods that span 47.84 km2. The metropolitan area has a lot to offer, and new homeowners will love the place.

Read on to learn more about this Canadian real estate sector and how to find a house for sale in St. Albert.

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How to Find Houses for Sale in St. Albert

Buying a  home is one of the most significant life-changing decisions. The need to buy a house should start with you or your partner so the dream can become an achievement.

Getting suitable houses for sale in St. Albert will usually take the following forms.

1.  Do Internet Searches

According to a National Association of REALTOR® report, 76% of home buyers used a mobile device to search for their dream home. This technological advancement has made checking out homes for sale more manageable and can help you too.

Moreover, with the touch of a button, you can view listed houses for sale in St. Albert from anywhere. Also, note that the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) system is online, so it makes sense to start your home search here. The best place to see homes is The Tinder of real estate.

2.  Take a Walk

When buying a home, you typically have narrowed it to the ideal neighbourhood. This may be closer to your workspace or promising to meet your needs.

That said, you can drive around the neighbourhood hoping to see a for sale sign erected on a front yard. The other option is to meet with the existing neighbours and express your interest in a new home. You may be shocked to land one through such recommendations.

3.  Partner with a Buyer’s Agent

Remember, you are new to the neighbourhood, and the real estate jargon can be overwhelming. This calls for a partnership with the best real estate agent who understands the processes of houses for sale in St. Albert.

The good news about hiring a real estate agent is that the hire does not cost you a dime. This is because the seller will be the one to cover the commission your agent should demand.

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Amenities in St. Albert

The amenities will be a crucial factor in determining the comfortability of your new St. Albert’s home. Since you are looking to invest in a home that will accommodate you for the next 20+ years, it would be best to consider the amenities surrounding you.

Fortunately, St. Albert has much to offer.

1.  Educational Facilities

St Albert is home to three main k12 education school boards. The boards are Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, St. Albert Public Schools, and North Central Francophone School Board.

Moreover, St. Albert is home to Athabasca University, which specializes in online learning. This guarantees that you and your children’s future is well taken care of academically.

2.  Recreational Facilities

Seeing that the city was founded in the Metis times, St. Albert has a rich cultural presence. The city is home to various theatres and museum centers, including the art Gallery of St. Albert, Musee Heritage, Arden Theatre, and the St. Albert Children’s Theatre Group.

St. Albert has parks and trails where you can roam and enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty. There is also a 5-day music festival held in August to commemorate the rock and roll music genre.

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3.  Medical Facilities

The city is home to various medical facilities, including pet care. Sturgeon Community Hospital features a 167-bed capacity and offers a comprehensive list of medical services.

Medical clinics are well spread along the St. Albert Trail, so you are assured of easy medical access. Also, note that the Sturgeon Community Hospital has a helipad in case of extensive emergencies.

The Best St. Albert Real Estate Agent

A local real estate agent is usually the determiner of the houses for sale in the St. Albert search and the better deal you will get. Note that there is no general rule to hiring a REALTOR® to help you buy a home, but these individuals are essential.

Here are two real estate agents you can check out to find St. Albert homes for sale.

Edmonton Real Estate AgentFeatures
Keylo⭐ Best Real Estate Agent in Edmonton
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1.  Keylo

This real estate agent firm operates out of Edmonton and is run by an experienced agent, Ryan Mracek. The firm has utilized the latest technology in the real estate sector by having a buyer’s app to help search for your ideal home. Keylo walks with you every step of the way, starting with a free consultation, and ensures your dream becomes a reality. This makes Keylo the best estate agent to help you find houses for sale in St. Albert.

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2.  Liv Real Estate

Initially called K.W. Johnson Real Estate, Liv Real Estate started operations in 1975 as a family-owned firm. The firm also offers free consultations and has a list of recommendable experts you may need during the home buying process. If required, you can also enjoy their mortgage preapproval program and see listings in 3D views.

3.  RE/MAX Professionals

RE/MAX is a household name globally, with a team focused on the St. Albert area operating under the RE/MAX Professionals banner. Its agents make a point of interacting with the local community and are, thus, well-known in the area. And a whopping 57 agents oversee St. Albert on behalf of this REALTOR®.

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Houses for Sale in St. Albert Conclusion

Navigating the  St. Albert real estate market requires knowing where to start and what to expect. That said, you can look for a good home by yourself or hire a local REALTOR® to help.

The above guide has shown you the proper way to buy listed houses for sale in St. Albert and the area’s amenities. Make the right call today by contacting Keylo to partner with a local REALTOR® who is ready to help.

FAQs about Houses for Sale in St. Albert

How do I find the best houses for sale in St. Albert?

You can find the best home listed for sale in St. Albert through many forms. However, the best approach is to hire a local real estate agent since they understand the area well and can offer valuable guidance.

How long will it take to buy a home in St. Albert?

Two main factors determine the home buying process: you and the market. The searching stage is usually the longest, but after making an offer, you have 30-60 days to complete the deal.

What is the average price of houses for sale in St. Albert?

According to ZOLO, the average price of a St. Albert home is $434,953. Moreover, the average market duration is 30 days.

How do you know if it is the right time to buy?

The current market trends usually determine the right time to buy a home. Your local REALTOR® is the right person to consult because they have updated monthly and yearly reports.

Do you need a buyer’s real estate agent?

While you can buy a house listed for sale on your own, note that a REALTOR® has the proper knowledge of the process. They can help you negotiate, check the condition, and avoid emotional attachment.

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